To the Editor:

I got a big surprise today, the latest appraisal from Bell County. Gratefully, I haven’t made any improvements to my property for decades so it should be just slightly higher, right? But does that matter?

The appraised value of my single-family house is around 25% higher than last year. That equates to an increase of nearly $40,000!

If mine is so high, it is certain that many others are going to pay even more.

I am a senior, over 65, with fixed retirement income, just like thousands of other residents of Bell County. Fortunately we do get some breaks, but we still pay for services and schools of which we receive little value. For example, we pay for others to attend school; my child never attended a Bell County school.

Okay, somebody has to pay and it is only fair that we pay some, but what is fair?

We should pay property taxes based upon the value of our property when we became 65. That seems fair.

Property taxes are necessary to pay for infrastructure and services needed by citizens. Senior citizens have paid for those services for decades. In fact, we have paid more than our fair share, and it’s doubtful that we have received full benefit from our contribution. We are expected to continue until we expire.

Come on people, give us a break! I plead with government officials to help us. I plead with citizens to converse with them; after all, you too will be paying ad nauseam.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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