To the Editor:

During the last election, Harker Heights city council candidates ran on agendas of fiscal responsibility and tax reform. Some got elected for that very reason. But, it “ain’t” happening.

City property taxes are going up substantially, thanks to the inflation of home and business values. The city argues that since the city is not getting tax breaks for our disabled military senior citizen occupancy that additional funds are needed. What comes to my mind is “what do other cities in similar situations do?” Is Harker Heights the only one that cannot manage fiscal responsibility, without government help? I doubt that; however, the council has disclosed complicated reasonings for these additional funds, including increasing reserve monies.

The council has presented their inflated budget to the public, received written citizen requests for detailed reasoning, but does not disclose their budget in layman language. We are not all knowledgeable in such things.

Hopefully, residents will consider carefully who needs to be in office during the next election.

Kenneth Godfrey

retired master sergeant

Harker Heights

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