To the Editor:

At this point in the United States of America, these are the loudest voices:

1. Any kind of abortion should be banned, and yet 70% of Americans think some kind of abortion should be allowed.

2. The last presidential election was stolen by Biden, and yet no court has found fraud and Republican sponsored re-counts come up with the same results. 139 members of Congress voted to not certify the election of Biden.

3. Schools are teaching “Critical Race Theory” and books are being banned that discuss homosexuality, but there is no evidence that the material in the report “Critical Race Theory” is being taught in high schools and books like “Tom Sawyer” are suspect.

4. Legislative majorities, whether Republican or Democrat, are re-drawing their state maps to assure their party continues to be re-elected. People of color are either included or excluded based on the belief that they vote Democratic.

5. Recounts of the 2020 election were in communities of color. The unstated belief that people of color, who most often vote Democratic, are likely to commit fraud.

The loudest are often the people most likely to vote. If you get your information from Facebook or Twitter, you are not getting reliable facts.

Responsible journalism confirms facts before printing them. This is the ethics of newspapers and the major TV stations NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and Fox that each fact has three separate confirmations of its accuracy.

They all have opinion segments that are opinions, not necessarily just the facts.

Unfortunately cable news is full of “facts” that support the five points of my article.

True facts and responsible voting can be a louder voice. Only then will the majority voice be heard.

Warren Townsend


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Wayne Jefferson

I agree with the writer of the letter. Facts are based nowadays on rumors heard on social media. It has become easier to print false information than to report the truth. Even the fact check website is not viable anymore. It's easier to print lies and by the time it's actually gets fact checked it's already all over the media and by then it's too late to change public opinion. Biden didn't win the election.never in the history of the united states has a candidate won Ohio and Florida and lost the election. The media had made a hatred for Trump so much that when the election was stolen nobody looked further into it. easier to hide the lies than discover the truth. The left controlled media is muddying the water to hide the facts. Do you really think you can stand up and be heard on politics anymore. Try it for yourself..unless you feed their narrative you won't get two cents in..god help us all


Unfortunately, your comments are shaded by your own bias. Several of your “facts” are highly opinionated if no flat wrong. But you are entitled to your opinions..,

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