To the Editor:

Recently PBS interviewed a Republican congressional representative concerning the Democrats leaving Austin in protest over the proposed voting laws. He went on to talk about voter fraud and how terrible it was.

I again went back to review the record for the 2020 election and the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today all concluded in their research that there were mistakes that were either corrected or discarded and fraud was virtually non-existent.

Why does this perception continue to linger? I can see why in the 2020 election, because Donald Trump said the only way he was going to lose the election would be due to fraud. Having said that before we even had an election sets the suspicion in motion.

You all do recall that all the claims of fraud were thrown out by the courts with lack of evidence. Our fears let us see things not as they are but as we think they should be.

We remember all the “fraud” people saw happening through the window watching the vote counting.

For years, however, I have had people complain about fraud in elections, and those complaining are White. I was in the Chicago area in the ’50s and ’60s and there was fraud. Democratic aldermen and union bosses would “highly influence” the voting in their precinct.

White people saw the Black voter as compromised and influenced by these powerful politicians. This was seen as inner city corruption and the Black vote was suspicious.

At the same time, Jim Crow was throughout the South and there were very few elected politicians who were Black, much less any sizable Black vote.

Unfortunately, for over a hundred years, White people have been afraid of the Black vote, and the cry of fraud still propels Republicans (it used to be southern Democrats but the same people just switched parties) to cry foul and enact stricter laws to combat a mythical enemy.

Warren Townsend


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Richard North

Would voter fraud exist if Trump was victorious? Hmmm...

Nothing to see here. move along.


Killing the Keystone Pipeline was never about the environment. It simply contributes to America being stronger & more energy-independent. If you look at EVERY single policy of the Democratic Party, it’s about weakening the long-term strength & success of the U.S…Paying people not to work; spending the treasury into bankruptcy; dividing people by race, gender, and color; opposing every obvious solution to energy cost reduction; promoting Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and every other method to teach kids to hate their own country; opposing the wall & border enforcement, banning speech on the internet that promotes freedom, liberty, and critical thinking; implementing punishing taxes on workers, producers, and investors….the list goes on and on. Give it a try sometime…consider ANY policy proposed by Democrats. Does it make the U.S. stronger or weaker? Does it help or hurt the long-term economy? Does it make us more or less free? Republicans aren’t much better, but the majority of the leaders in the Democratic Party have become a large collection of anti-American sleeper cells.

Killeen patriot

So this post is factually incorrect. All of the courts who threw out fraud cases did so on procedural reasons. Not a single court actually reviewed any of the fraud evidence. they just ruled there was not standing, or some other legal loop hole. And there was voter fraud in Texas in 2020, the Texas AG has already convicted close to 140 cases of it. I still fail to see how any of the provisions trying to be passed result in voter fraud. Before 2020 did Texas ever have 24 hour voting? No, it was supposed to be just because of the pandemic. Before 2020 did Texas ever have unlimited drive up voting? No, it was supposed to be just because of the pandemic. Before 2020, did Texas have unmonitored ballot drop offs everywhere? No, it was supposed to be just because of the pandemic. Exactly how many minorities in Texas do not have a driver's license, state ID, or a social security number? It must be a huge number, because requesting them to write the number on their ballot is just too much to ask. I guess a huge number of people in Texas cannot buy alcohol, cigarettes, pick up prescriptions, cash a check, or fly on a plane.


I personally know of several families that were sent multiple, erroneous, mail in votes that they could have used. The democratic party now is very, very left wing, liberal, and socialist. A man was elected president that is known for his senility, with more votes than anyone in our country's history. Millions more than the savior of the Democratic party, Obama. The second most votes ever cast in a presidential election...for Donald Trump in the same election. Amazing, isn't it...Speaking of corruption in Chicago..have you ever heard of the Daley's?..the corruption attributed to them? Every heard of Tammany Hall?....Do watch the video Trump vs Biden; Which candidate is racist ?..This is just one video that should help you understand why so many people believe there was absolutely voter fraud. You must watch a lot of CNN and MSNBC..the Democratic information sources, that are so left wing it is shameful.


Voter fraud exists and is widespread. The sources the writer sites are all extreme left wing publications that habitually lie. They support voter fraud, and so does anyone who denies it exists. There are far too many documented cases of voter fraud to deny it exists.

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