Kempner reader offers three-part proposal to end gun violence

To the Editor:


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Wayne Jefferson

I agree 100 % with the the comments. The term assault rifle is a term created by gun controller to make you fear the rifle. If I pick up a bat and beat someone over the head I don't hear about assault bats. If someone doesn't like guns then that's fine by me. That is your right. Probably not responsible enough to own one I suppose. But please don't infringe on my God given right to defend my family and friends. The more people like yourselves keep believing that banning a certain type of weapon will end mass shooting is like saying banning drugs will end drug abuse. Stupid people actually believe this fantasy. We live in reality where we need workable solutions not make believe.


Assault rifles have their lineage traced to WWII. They are military rifles that fire an intermediate cartridge, have a removable magazine and have selective rates of fire, one of which must be automatic. These rifles are legal in the US, but are highly controlled. "Assault weapons" is a fabricated term made up by liberals to frighten the people into giving up their rights. This term has no meaning in firearms lexicon, as they do not exist.


Clearly, you have no idea what you're talking about, as you used the term "assault rifle" numerous times and you clearly don't know what an assault rifle is or who owns them. Further, you have decided that you have the right to stomp on my rights by deciding what type of firearms I can own. You have also linked the rights protected by the Constitution with what you think I "need". That's not how any of this works. You also mention a "buy back" program, which is gun control speak for illegal confiscation of firearms. Maybe YOU will fund this illegal program from YOUR bank account? Frankly, you're a gun control troll with no real answers that meet Constitutional muster. I suggest you take a class or two and study history and our Constitution before commenting further.

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