To the Editor:

Today (Wednesday) President Trump said he doesn’t think one should use “faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong.”

If you listen carefully to Sen. Mitt Romney’s justification for his vote, he does not use the principles of the Church of Latter-day Saints, but uses the ethical principles that are part of the Judao/Christian tradition of this country.

Each of us might be wise to judge our elected representatives on the laws laid down in the Ten Commandments.

One does not have to be Christian or Jewish to see the value in these laws to guide us including not worshiping other gods such as power and wealth.

I am a Rotarian and we try to follow the “things we think, say and do.”

First — is it the truth?

Second — Is it fair to all concerned?

Third — Will it build good will and better friendship?

Fourth — Is it beneficial to all concerned?

I am proud to say that Killeen has had two Rotarians representing it, former Rep. Jimmy Don Aycock and current Rep. Brad Buckley, both who have and are committed to these values which happen to be the behaviors of a person of faith.

You might want to use these values in judging the politician who represents you.

Warren Townsend


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