To the Editor:

There is much debate now over the “1836 bill” opposing the teaching of racist history, as it would diminish the image of Texas.

The re-writing of history is what you get in counties run by dictators who wish to change the narrative about their administration.

Nazi Germany in the 1930s was a perfect example of that propaganda.

For Texas, we have the story of the Alamo and the heroes that fought there for our independence.

One would have thought the world was coming to an end when documents were discovered showing that Davy Crockett was captured and shot in a firing squad.

When Texas fought for her independence, it definitely was to have self-rule from Mexico.

But what did Texans want that Mexico wouldn’t give them? It was slavery. Mexico forbade slavery but Texans continued to bring them into East Texas.

Travis and Austin could not get Mexico to relent.

This dynamic was playing all across America as new states were being added and the debate was whether they would be slave or free states.

Texas was part of that struggle and it was one of the factors leading to the war of independence of Texas.

The economics of slavery were so powerful that it plunged us into the bloody Civil War to resolve it.

That isn’t history to be purged because it doesn’t fit the myth.

Warren Townsend


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Alex, enjoying your Marxist democrat kool-aid?


The only rewriting of history I see is the widespread lies being spread by Marxist democrats.


Mexico abolished slavery in 1829. Since Texas was part of Mexico, slavery should have been ended. However they refused to give up their slaves. Texas was still all about keeping slavery at the outbreak of the Civil War. If you can't see the obvious rewriting of history by fascist Texas republicans, you are either being willfully stupid or are a product of the Texas school system that rewrites history every year.

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