To the Editor:

Juneteenth is American history, and it is the newest federal holiday.

The holiday is a reminder of the hypocrisy of the American Story and its suppression and exclusion of African American history. These actions have resulted in limited knowledge of the significant contributions Africans and African Americans made to the development of the United States.

The enslavement of Africans and the free labor they provided resulted in a significant boost to the economic growth of the United States. The brutal treatment and harsh environment that the enslaved were subjected to is beyond reprehensible and it has been strategically omitted from mainstream history. Educational resources and books that provide the truth about these events are demonized and demeaned by those who support the suppression of truth.

The recent laws passed are aligned with the tenets implemented by The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Lost Cause that suppress and misrepresent the truth. The suppression of truth will not allow us to fully understand what happened in the past and this will hamper the ability to address matters in the present and future.

Hopefully, the Juneteenth holiday will energize the elected Senate members to approve the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and The George Floyd Justice and Policing Act and promote understanding of the system that enslaved African Americans and the persistence and pervasive discrimination that they experience daily.

We are living in the most racially and politically divisive time in American history. Maybe Juneteenth will be the catalyst that will allow community members to courageously examine the hard truths about the past and move forward with a newfound hope to ensure that liberty and justice are provided for all.

Philemon Brown and Leon Burch

Board members

Community Hands of Texas

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@Don - Your thought patterns are exclusively oxymoronic. You can instigate and spread mistruths and display and extreme amount of hate one day and then, curtail your mind and tell a truth. I, to sooner than later surprised mind, agree with your statement about "Voter Suppression Prevention." To the writers of this letter, you are correct in your thought in this being a "politically divided" time. Yet, I must agree with you in this being THE MOST divisive one. The most politically divisive time was during the Civil War, the time when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; when, in the modern times leading up to the 60's, blacks were being slaughtered indiscriminately by whites and, not by their own of which, exponentially! outweighs the "slaughter" politicians and individuals claim whites are committing against blacks at this present moment in time. The problem today is not, altogether, political and racial division, it is actually the failure of a people, of a race and of a nation to recognize that they are being spoon-fed their daily allowance of "hate", "victim-hood", "entitlement" and "Inherited" guilt' that does not, when logically and absent emotions is properly evaluated, is recognized to be a ploy to destroy America from the inside out. To the writers of this letter, please if you will, inform us, the public, of your mission, accompanied by the same "energy" you are battling this topic with, as to what you are doing about the "Black on Black" self-genocide of blacks. There is an old saying that states, "Sweep around your own front door before you come sweeping around mine." This was not written, neither is it now scribed as a "racist" statement; but, in true sincerity. What good will reparations and the "end" to racism do if the very people you are fighting to "free", cannot first, as a people, free themselves? I know my words will not be well received by many but, many need to be able to admit the truth and stop denying it. If, as a people, blacks would, rather, unite in peace, no force on this planet could prevent their, educactional, intellectual and financial progress. Instead, as a people in general, they stand divided. Individuals are flooding our boarders in search of the "American Dream" while, Americans themselves claim there is not one due to being victimized. Only to see that individuals who came to our country with little to nothing, now have more than what citizens of this country have denied they had access to for decades. To the writers of this letter, there is another old saying, "The poor you will have among you always..." If we know the "poor" will exist no matter man's best efforts; unless, there is some manner of miraculous change in humans as a whole, what then makes us believe that we can end racism by "force"? I do have some level of contest in some written statements such as America being established on the "Free labor" of blacks. My contest is such, and you can correct me if I am in error. Was not the South's economic success based upon slavery while the north, which did not observe nor enforce slaver; although, admittedly, not preventing it, even in some of their territories but not anywhere near the extent of the South, establish their economic standing on industry. Again, albeit by the hands of underpaid Chinese and other immigrants in many cases? If this is the case, how can America as a whole, be called a racist country when the, as history shows, the South and the Democrats, benefitted wholelly from the slave trade while the North, the Republicans, did not?


I see the writer made a pitch for voter fraud. The so called voter suppression laws do NOT suppress voting. They suppress voter fraud, a long standing widespread problem in Texas.

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