To the Editor:

A newspaper article stated that the vote to close (KISD) campuses came up because of two issues. One was the opening of Chapparal High School. The other was concerns about the safety of children.

Even though CHS will be opening this fall, HHHS is still a 6A school. To qualify as 6A, you must have 2200+ students. I honestly don’t believe that HHHS is capable of effectively feeding that many children with enough time for them to all eat a quality meal.

Having an open campus has been essential to each child not only being able to eat, but having time to de-stress instead of waiting in line.

There have been multiple reports from children who have received spoiled milk, moldy burgers, frozen tacos or chicken nuggets.

The portion size is fit for an elementary student. They are not equipped to what we are asking from our students — athletes or otherwise.

I admit there has been some security/violent issues during the last school year. However, most have happened during times that are not lunch.

Most issues in the school happened either during school hours, or in areas in the school (hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms,etc). Increased security/police presence during lunch time should drastically reduce any issues that you are having during lunch.

My final issue is the plan to allow seniors that are “Graduate Ready” to leave campus. That completely disregards your 504/IEP kids who struggle with testing. It’s an additional punishment to children whose parents made the decision to “Opt Out” of the STAAR Assessment. Those children work hard and should not be punished for things outside of their control.

I have a 504 student. He worked hard to get his grades to standard so that he could do credit advancement. Even though he met the grade requirements, he was deemed ineligible because he hasn’t passed the English EOC’s. One of which, was given in the middle of COVID while working from home in virtual school. The push to include EOC in everything is unfair to the kids.

Tiffani Battle



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Agree with the writers. I have never seen an open campus where the students didn't leave the adjacent neighborhood looking like a 3rd world war zone.


Rather than cry to the local newspaper, you as a parent should be working with the school’s Parent Teacher Organization to address the issue of school lunch program. You appear to be another parent that wants others to solve your problems from the sideline. Before crying foul, I would encourage you to get to know the school.

In my opinion, you seem to be concentrated on one student, KISD has to focus on the needs and outcomes for a vast population that does commit crimes near school campus, cause havoc at local businesses, and add to the trash population that someone other than them have to clean up. Rather than students using their cell phones to create Tic Toc videos, students should be part of the solution and not create more problems.

Finally, ask yourself…. How can I help be part of the solution of feeding so many students in a short amount of time?

Keep in mind, this challenge will occur at ALL OF THE SCHOOLS – AT EACH LEVEL – not just your student’s school.![crying]

Wayne Jefferson

This plan should have been worked out years ago. Any store within walking distance from these schools are flooded with unruly kids in line can see the need for something other than letting these kids loose every day is havoc for area businesses. I've seen fights and drug deals going on in the parking lots as well

But the time the police are called and get there they scatter like roaches. Let them eat on the football field or something. They also leave trash on private property and cause destruction. Get them a sack lunch to pick up in the cafeteria and let them big lines.maybe o John craft should have built a bigger cafeteria instead new football stadiums. I wouldn't send my kids anywhere near these schools.

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