To the Editor;

I have great concern for the appointed leadership of my community, We have inexperienced city council members with little or no knowledge of the city ordinances.

They seem to be supporting only one culture and race. This is very disappointing to me, since Killeen is a very diverse community. Addressing community situations seems to be for one, not all. Other cultures have stated fear of approaching the council for possible discrimination.

What can we do as a community to resolve this? Think about what and who you voted for to lead this community next time you vote.

I am so disappointed, as well as other Killeen citizens.

Shame on you, City Council,

Patsy Bracey


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Patsy Bracey got caught threatening two candidates in 2017, one was city council woman brown and the other was Holly Teel who was running for mayor.

After Holly Teel caught the treats live on Facebook, and sent the live feed and phone call recordings to the news, patsy Bracey actually tried to sue Holly Teel. Pasty filed a small claims lawsuit in judge cooks court against Mrs. Teel accusing Mrs Teel of elderly abuse. Mrs Teel actually won and had the case dismissed.

Councilwoman Brown was at the court hearing and spoke up for Mrs. Teel.

Pasty Bracey actually sat in the courtroom, looking at her cell phone with head phones on.

This is a habitual pattern for Patsy Bracey and she should be removed from any city advisory committee and the KPD citizens police.

Patsy Bracey tried to destroy Mrs Teel and her husband by spreading rumors and lies amongst Mrs.Teels neighbors, in hopes of Mrs Teeps neighbors turning against Mrs Teel.

Councilman Wilkerson how do you feel about that?

Councilman Wilkerson how do you think citizens feel when advisory members terrorize, threaten and sue citizens to silence them?

Councilman Wilkerson, would it not be better to remove patsy Bracey in hopes of citizens like Mrs Teel stepping up with out fear of being slandered, bullied, sued and threatened by Patsy Bracey?


@Kenlwilkerson - Councilman Wilkerson, your response is a bit perplexing to me. You responded with an "Lol". Was this in response to the "circus" comment or the citizens letter itself? Please clarify your response for me and others who may also be...confused. Thank you kind sir.


@Don76550 - I must yield to the thought of your comments of mistruths about Councilman Harris lends to the "circus" as, your statements are generally viewed as, in my humble opinion, inciting and incendiary. You appear to be so obsessed with Mr. Harris losing this race that you sometimes appear again to be, in my humble opinion, one of the "circus masters". Yes, yes. Before you say it; no, Councilman Harris did not vote to "continue" No Knocks. He voted to place it on the ballot to allow the citizens to vote and take the pride and power in making it happen. It is not his fault that there are some people who instigated it happening but, when THEY had the opportunity to make it a reality themselves, they buckled and let others do it instead.


It does seem like our city council arrived in a Ringling Brothers truck



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