To the Editor:

I believe that the COVID-19 is entering the final phase of its destructive journey throughout America and the world.

Early on, there were some attempts to minimize the seriousness of the pandemic. We know now that those attempts, intended to avoid fear and distress among the population, failed.

We know the results. Fortunately, three research companies have finished studies on a vaccine and are ready for the final testing.

Will POTUS resort to use the E.U.A. (Emergency Use Authorization) program if there is too much delay on the vaccination implementation?

The final totals will show significant changes. The CDC previously reported that only 6% of the reported 161,392 U.S. death certificates (at that time) listed COVID-19 as the only cause of death.

That 6% amounts to 9,682. Death counts have been under suspicion throughout the pandemic. Controversy will follow.

It as not been an inexorable downhill turn in all areas. In Texas, the unem- ployment rate dropped to 6.8% in August.

While we wait out the end of COVID-19, we have the presidential election looming ever closer. Liberals are scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and find something, no matter how implausible or irrational, to throw at POTUS. They embrace turpitude without hesitation, yet call themselves the party of the poor and underrepresented.

Will they manage to enervate POTUS? Doubtful, since he thrives on that type of confrontation.

As a lifelong Republican, I obviously disagree with their ideas and plans to improve the country. To them, changing into a socialist type of government will achieve their goals. It will not have a positive result in a capitalist country like the USA, where everyone is encouraged to do the best and watch their efforts being compensated in the form of financial remuneration or upward movement in the chain of command.

As far as foreign affairs is concerned, POTUS has by far exceeded the previous administration in worthwhile issues: North Korea, Iran, Israel, the Middle East as a whole, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Those achievements seldom make the news. The recent agreement between Israel and two Arab counterparts was a significant step towards that elusive peace we all are seeking in that area.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Talk about a Covidiot who wrote this post is. Thoughts and prayers.

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