To the Editor:

In the military we had a phrase called “mission creep,” which referred to actions occurring during a mission that slowly found themselves into the original plan with very few taking notice until it had occurred.

The recent tax increases — road tax and proposed council salary increases — are examples of mission creep.

The initial tax for the roads of $1.70 monthly raised much controversy, but the recent increase to $10 monthly passed with little or no fanfare.

The most recent move to raise council salaries will probably act in the same fashion.

The way ahead for Killeen is not in continuing to pay special interest groups, the chamber of commerce, or create new corporations for a development plan.

Instead, the council with their wisdom and experience can represent the town themselves in Austin and so justify a much more substantial salary increase taken from the money that would normally pay these other groups.

If not all the residents pay taxes, there is no personal stock. Nor is there any truly vested interest in fiscal responsibility, economic development, school improvement, or financially feasible capital improvement programs that do not involve state or federal funding.

This is a basic, but difficult change that ought to take place. Lest mission creep becomes the norm, as it slowly taxes its citizens to poverty.

More than protests that raise the outcry of “stop the violence” should be the voices crying out “stop the high taxes!!”

Paul Passamonti

retired U.S. Army major


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Democrat-run cities across America are experiencing record crimes and homicides. In Indianapolis a Fox 59 investigation found that 43% of murder suspects arrested in Indianapolis through October of this year were out on pretrial release - Democrats releasing violent criminals. Meaning nearly half the murders this year in that city alone could have been prevented just by keeping known murderers in jail. I live in NY, and it's the same exact problem here, and all across the U.S. Vote Democrat and your city and state go to s__t. Simple as that


City elections are coming up in May, and we certainly do need a different city council


I agree election are coming up, sadly we will not see a change. Instead we will see more of the same. I already seen one person posting they are running, and it's the same person that got caught saying freedom of speech ends at the city limits of Killeen.

We the citizens will not get the much needed change and will only be forced to pay higher taxes.

I have already seen democrats talking about how the build back better plan is why Killeen is being able to repair the roads. If that is the case than why did they need to raise the road tax( a fee for roads is still a tax)

The democrat party will twist any road repair and water/sewage repair into saying it was the Biden BBB that got it done.


Killeen has turned into a communist hellhole. I wish we could afford to move but we are stuck here now. If I had known that my hometown had turned into this I would have never wanted to move back.

Build Back Better = Build back broke. Because all taxpayers are gonna be broke but hey the Illegals invading our country will be rich. Our electricity has already gone up and so has our water bill. Thankfully I was able to move my horses closer to my house because with gas prices the way they are now I would not be able to drive to feed them, even my horse feed bill is going up. Thanks to the American communists.


Ohh 😮 you got horses 🐴. I love horses. When I was a kid our school would take us to the Kentucky Horse farms. We would go a visit 4 and would get back to school around 5pm. Every year the school field trips were the Horse farms, and the Taft Museum.

Sorry you said Horses, one of the most amazing creatures on this planet.

I know the cost is getting high, even dog food, cat food and kitty litter has gone up.

My dogs eat better than we do, as I feed my dogs first. Food for the animals come before myself.

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