To the Editor:

Admittedly, 2020 was a disastrous year, especially to the economy and directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

America was in panic mode. As the deaths kept increasing and the numbers of the sick doubled and tripled, blame was everywhere; the president, the experts, governors, etc.

More importantly was the fact that many citizens insisted that total freedom does not allow for rules or directives that will hamper one’s ability for freedom, even if they were placed for the public’s protection. That alone caused hundreds, thousands of deaths.

Protective masks, social distancing, no groups, were not very popular in a general way and caused some problems between governors and citizens.

Suddenly in the midst of an apparently out-of-control wave of COVID-19, what was called by some a miracle, happened. Four to five major pharmaceutical companies began producing vaccines with a 90-95 success rate.

The light at the end of the tunnel. The process is in full swing in the USA and Europe.

Are we happy? Not necessarily. They are now talking about a mutant strain of COVID-19 that has surfaced in the U.K., with one case in Colorado.

The big question now among some is “shall I allow my children to be vacci- nated”?

Vaccination is one of the great inventions in the history of medicine.

At this moment, COVID-19 is ravaging California and some areas of Texas.

The $900 billion bill signed by POTUS will definitely be helpful. He is likely to get the $2,000 checks he has requested.

Although money does not solve every single problem, this one comes at the precise right time. The new president-elect is not going to inherit a nightmare.

It will be a recovery in progress. It’s only been a short time since POTUS signed the aid package and so far Southwest Airlines has announced that they will not need furloughs or wage cuts after the package was signed.

Stocks hit records after the $900 billion aid package.

Instead of negativism, perhaps we should look at the potential for success and be positive.

Fear mongering does not help. COVID-19 is still moving and creating damage on a large scale. It is expected to grow in intensity into January, according to experts.

We have science and the Lord on our side.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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