To the Editor:

I have seen participation in the May city council elections remain abysmal year after year.

During the 2019 municipal election, 1,650 out of 74,307 registered voters participated by casting a vote. In the previous municipal election, only 3038 registered voters cast a ballot.

The final vote count was 2,289 out of the approximately 83,260 registered voters in Killeen this year for the May election.

There is a runoff in District 4 today where 236 people have voted in the early voting time frame. We all should find that unacceptable.

Moving the council elections to November increases voter participation exponentially as November 2020 municipal elections have shown; with voter participation of 84,851 votes for city council and 35,278 for mayor.

Legislation was passed in 2016 to change the election code and removes a city’s right to change its election date even if the council and citizens want it moved. Is this how democracy dies? With ambivalence or legislation? Both, I’m thinking.

Fight for your democracy before you lose it. Every vote counts. Every election. Every time.

Sandra Blankenship


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No! Mudding city elections will not do the city any good.

The law was put in place to protect citizens voices in local elections and to keep big money and political parties out of local elections. This is to prevent corruption in local politics.

Mudding the waters will only benefit political parties and political contributions.

It is sad that political parties do not understand the rules and laws around local elections as it is, and this will only allow for more violations.

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