To the Editor:

I wish to petition the city and Texas Department of Transportation to immediately reduce the speed limit on State Highway 195 north of Farm-to-Market 2484 and again north of Chaparral Road.

Growth and construction in this area are the deciding factors.

The veterans cemetery has daily processions.

Roadwork on Chaparral will start soon.

School bus traffic will increase for the new high school being built along Chaparral.

City trash trucks turn into the transfer station, across traffic.

Poor line of sight at the Shell station and grill has caused accidents.

Fatalities at Chaparral may also be related to so many drivers with their lights off in twilight hours.

How about it, KPD? Time for some tickets.

The law is lights must be on 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise.

In addition to the everyday distractions of phones etc., the holidays break the focus with non-priority lack of thinking.

Shopping lists, travel plans, make drivers unaware of themselves and others like them.

Put a clothes pin on your ear as a reminder.

Now is the time to adjust the speed limits.

If you drive 195 and want to stay alive, tell the city.

Wayne Duncan



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I agree. I live in Splawn Ranch and it is almost impossible to turn right onto 195 because of traffic which is usually much faster that the 70 mph speed limit. I am hopeful it will be dropped to no more than 60. I would also hope that there were be more law enforcement in an effort to slow down those who don't believe they need to follow the law. Maggie Palmer

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