To the Editor:

A rather glaring question remains after viewing the photo and accompanying article (of the annual Festival of Trees event) held on Friday evening at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

Why would such an event be authorized at very close quarters with “nearly a thousand people” (with no social distancing or masks visible) at the height of a pandemic?

It should not be surprising, when an overreaction or lockdown ensues from government authorities when confronted with incredibly irresponsible behavior for these times.

Private citizens are urged repeatedly to make adjustments and even limit family gatherings (to help prevent the spread of the virus).

So here is a follow-on question regarding the event:

What message does this send regarding the civic duty to protect one another?

The sense of invulnerability of people coupled with the mentality of “don’t let anybody tell you what to do” is simply shocking!

Paul Passamonti

retired U.S. Army major


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