To the Editor:

Re: Race double standard clear in rioters’ Capitol insurrection. Associated Press, 8 Jan 21

First, there is no excuse whatsoever for the actions of protesters at the Capitol.

That being said, the AP article paints the mobs and looters throughout the Republic this year as “peaceful protesters”. Peaceful protesters do not burn buildings. Peaceful protestors do not loot stores. Peaceful protesters do not close down — by violence, parts of cities. There was nothing peaceful about how the protests ended up in nearly every case.

It is true that they started out as peaceful protests but they most certainly ended up being anything but peaceful.

Ask the hundreds of business owners that lost everything in their business to those “peaceful protests”.

I will guarantee they do not see them as anything but lawless mobs. My home town of Portland, Oregon, was turned into a several months long siege abetted by the city mayor and state governor.

The downtown of Portland lost hundreds of businesses — businesses that will probably never return.

The police do their duty with the people who are committing crimes — that should be WITHOUT consideration of race, sex, or any other consideration other than they are breaking the law. That article continues to reinforce the divide between races and political orientation. Just how is the divide going to be healed?

I do not see that happening with articles like this being published in print and the same mantra being pushed by the Mainstream Media.

Hal Dudley


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