Killeen reader criticizes Democrats, says they espouse socialist agenda

To the Editor:

This is my message to Democrats in reference to the Supreme Court nomination and confirmation. It’s constitutional, so get over it. Quit crying that Americans should have a say-so on who’s next to sit on the highest court in the land.

America had a say-so in 2016. They elected a president for four years and according to the Constitution, this president’s time in office isn’t up until Jan. 20.

Therefore, any opening on that court within those four years, the Constitution provides for the president to nominate a replacement. There is absolutely no wording to suggest if an administration is so many days or months before an election, that nomination should be held over to the next administration.

What is it about this process you simply can’t understand? Your fear is palpable. Democrats have paraded for so long leaning left you’re not for sure what is right.

The party’s efforts to remove God from the platform explains how they can believe that the killing of the unborn actually is healthcare.

They say the Democratic Party isn’t the same party of our parents. I beg to differ.

In the ’60s the Democrats resisted the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Act. Going back further, they resisted the abolition of slavery, creating an atmosphere that thwarted any postwar efforts to lift up the Black man that gave rise to Jim Crow laws and the KKK.

They viewed the Black man as being unable to take care of himself and stand on his own, requiring a dependence on government.

Today Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in LBJ fashion, are offering for free a pig in a poke in their socialist agenda — and unfortunately much of America’s population is buying into it again.

Jim Mattson


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Noe Rodriguez

About this year's election, I can not believe what I'm hearing and seeing. With the black majority, and hispanic, majority, and Asian i can not believe Trump is behind. The large rallies and large support for POTUS was enough evidence that he would get reelected. Something does not add up, and it has fraud written all over. Texas I guess we are going to have to exit, and be on our own. Hip hip hurra hip hip hurra

Noe Rodriguez

I totally agree with this person who wrote this. Not only does the president have the right to appoint a judge in accordance to the constitution, but people need to learn their government system. The Senate gives the president the power to do it or not. And for those that are complaining about why the Senate approved POTUS nomination, was because the Republicans are the Senate majority. In Obama's case and that is what liberals and Democrats argue, was the Senate was run by the Republicans. If it would have been the other way around then we would have nothing to argue about. Then again, liberals do not want to accept, the truth.

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