To the Editor:

Two issues of interest:

1. The news media, including KDH, scream daily COVID infection numbers (no context ever included, e.g., severity of cases, co-morbidities, comparison data from pre-pandemic years tracking flu outbreaks, etc.)

Surrounding “articles” reiterate longer variations of the same “information”, adding hysterical tirades about maskless villains and mask mandates, with no actual evidence.

2. For the 9 months of the Biden Administration, illegal aliens have been pouring over our southern border and ultimately, throughout the country, frequently being provided, secretly, bus or plane transportation by the Biden Administration. There is no consistent health monitoring, testing, vaccinating, vaccine mandating, etc. of these groups.

QUESTION: Have any news media, including KDH, done any reporting on a possible correlation between infection increases and new illegal populations in a given community (county, city, school)?

Logic should lead one to at least ask the question. I have seen none. This kind of information would be helpful to officials as well as residents.

I realize the Biden Administration is hiding the numbers of illegals and their destinations, but wouldn’t a FOIA request be able to prevail over that? Has anyone even posited the question?

As far as the press is concerned, journalistic curiosity has not been able to overpower their willful ignorance, in this and many other areas.

They are simply afraid of the answer they might find. If one doesn’t look for an answer, then one avoids the embarrassment of having to admit the uncomfortable truth or lie with a straight face & deny the obvious (to wit, DHS Sec Mayorkas)

P.S. Note to Biden voters: You got what you voted for.

You are equally culpable for Biden’s debacles, border fiasco, Afghanistan humiliation, 13 dead service members, etc.

A democratic republic gets what it votes for.

Unfortunately, EVERYONE must suffer for YOUR vote.

Terrye Johnson


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The writer of this letter is spot on. Unfortunately the KDH is not a source of reliable or truthful news. They run columns from Washington Post and New York Times that are nothing but fake news liberal lies nonstop. We really need to start requiring occupational licensing to practice journalism. Then maybe some of the liberal media lies would stop

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