To the Editor:

If you see a grove of heritage oaks or other big trees near the edge of the city, take a picture. Soon, that will be all you have to look at.

City growth involves changing the land use, and that almost always means the loss of negative landscape. Developers place no value on trees because the city does not either. The land disturbance policy has few teeth and not much enforcement.

Somebody in an office draws as many one-quarter-acre lots on a tract as they can. Straight-edge lines equal profit. No consideration is given to the land.

Info is available to correct this method. Google or Landsat the tract. Place the proposed plat transparency of the same scale over it.

Locate any significant features, trees, etc. Adjust the layout. Curve the street. Maybe some lots are large enough to leave trees.

This adds value to the lot, the area and the city.

How can something that has stood for one to eight centuries be discounted as worthless? They have been the keystone of the local environment until the city grows over them. This reflects poorly on us at all levels.

This will only change when enough voices speak up. Say something.

Water: Fifteen years ago I suggested the city require all new residential construction to have low-flow fixtures. How many houses have been built since then? If there is only a 10% per household reduction in demand, system service life would be extended.

It is time for electeds to take on the water issue. Growth demands it. If you want to allow private pools, charge money for the permits and the water, reduce the waste of the resource.

Water-based business must be the first to comply with drought restrictions. They and the public have to adjust thinking and use.

Options disappear in a drought.

It’s your city. Say something.

Wayne Duncan


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