To the Editor:

The pathetic, partisan Democratic plan to remove the president is under way.

He is charged with abusing the power of the presidency and obstructing Congress. This devious plan to depose a sitting president originated almost as soon as he won the election. (When the tears dried up, the Teddy Bears discarded and the psychologists returned to their offices.)

The next step in the process is the Senate to approve or disapprove impeachment. Hopefully, clear heads will prevail.

The one issue I cannot accept is the Democrats’ insistence that the president has not accomplished one single solitary action that benefits the nation. Really?

The issues listed below will hopefully render those statements false. It also shows what a tenacious and resolute person can do when love of country is the driving force behind their actions.

Unemployment is at its lowest levels among African Americans, Hispanics and women.

Tremendous spike in job availability.

S&P 500 — 10 winning weeks out of eleven, as of 12/22/19.

The two trade deals which the “experts” had deemed complete failures and destined to hurt consumers and wreck the economy, turned out to be a success. Most specifically the previous NAFTA agreement.

In addition, in a major breakthrough, the Chinese are willing to work on the trade issue.

He has been very positive and understanding of the veterans’ problems.

The budget allocates an $8.9 billion boost toward private health care and $81 million for the VA care of 93.3 million veterans.

His approach to North Korea and its threats proved that being apologetic is not the way to deal with tyrants. North Korea’s leader knows he can go only so far. They do not want a nuclear war that will eradicate their country from the face of the earth.

The same applies to Iran. He did not hesitate to act when Syrian leaders broke an agreement not to use chemical weapons.

His tax cuts, despite claims that it will benefit only the very rich, was positive and helped many citizens.

I’m well aware of the president’s penchant for responding abruptly, and apparently without much thought, to personal attacks, but that’s Trump.

“I would rather see the United States respected than loved by other nations.” — Henry Cabot Lodge

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant



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