To the Editor:

I was very disappointed to learn that my councilman, Steve Harris, voted against banning no-knock warrants.

Across Texas these warrants have been issued on perjured information, have been served at the wrong addresses and have resulted in the murder of innocent citizens.

Glad I learned of Harris’ vote before the Saturday election. Mr. Harris, you will not have the vote of our family

Donald N. Baker


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Overseer, again, a vote is a vote for and a vote against is a vote against. You are claiming Harris did not vote against ending no knock raids by his vote to continue them. That is utter garbage. You are the one trying to dupe the public with your absurd attempt to spin the facts. You call me a "plant?" No, I am a voter and I will not be misled by a Harris sycophant trying to obfuscate his vote.


Donald = I believe you have misspoken and have, based on a lack of factual information, given your vote to another. Councilmember Harris did not vote “against” banning No Knock Warrants but, against it being on the ballot. I am afraid that you have been...duped” by false or manipulated information. We all live and learn...if you are sincere and not a plant by an opponent to try and “stir things up” on Election Day.

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