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RE: Belton reader questions wisdom of arming, training teachers in Texas.


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When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

Fascism is already here in Texas! Just read the latest post!

Wayne Jefferson

At a time when we have millions of illegals coming across the border from nations around the world we do not need to ban guns. The criminals will still have them and so will our tyrannical government. Just look at Canada who disarmed most of their citizens and now they are at the mercy of their idiot leaders. Day after day I see multiple illegals doing what they want. Had all these illegals had ak 47s as they crossed we'd be at war. The typical coward school shooter is able to do his crime easily in a gun free zone until the police show up. Arming teaches or any school employees hinders the ability of the coward to commit murder for he doesn't want to get shot. I'd even allow legally trained citizens to help engage the shooter wherever he might have the urge to kill. Yes the media does report people are killed including children from gun violence but usually in the commission of a felony. And some idiot gun owners should be more careful of keeping guns from children.. terrible times are coming and I'd rather have a weapon than being unarmed. You think beeto is willing to give up guns in his security think again. He wants yours so he can take the rest of your rights away for good

God bless America


"I don't see why anyone needs an AR 15 or AK47." That is exactly what tyrants say Politicians who say that view us as subjects to be ruled rather than constituents to be represented. Citizens who say that despise our bill of rights. How would you like it if I went into your house and started pointing out things you don't need and should not have. People like you are why every law abiding citizen should be armed to the teeth.


Ditto for the cognitive dissonce. Seems there are Texas elected officials who suffer from the same mental illness. No wonder, the same mentality is voting for them using glib, inept arguments to justify small penises and weapons of war.

Folks, mass murder from automatic guns is never going to end.

Next mass shooting?


First, there have never been 30,000 deaths by gun per month in the United States - except maybe during the Civil War.

The truth is that there are several hundred million guns in the hands of Citizens of the Republic. The vast majority do not harm anyone day to day. I know for a fact that the guns in my home have never by themselves fired a round and have never by themselves harmed anyone.

If you do not like the AR-15 type rifle - do not buy one. I and any others will work tirelessly to stop those who would take the right to own one from us.

Talking about background checks - if the local police, courts, state and Federal Law Enforcement would make the inputs they are required by law to make into the system(s) that feed the background check system, the number of people who should never be able to buy a gun but do would go down precipitously. This a good example of garbage in - garbage out.


Personally,I don't see the need for ARs and AKs, but some people do, including the NRA...If they ae going to be continued being sold, I think they ought to be very, very highly regulated. with all kinds of background checks and information gathered about the purchaser...and I do think there ought to be a minimum age to purchase. Even then, friends will be able to purchase for friends, and criminals will always be able to get their hands on the guns they want.Bottom line is, if someone wants an assault rifle bad enough they can get one...or at least the next 'best' thing.....As far as arming teachers, I don';t see anything wrong with that, as long as the teachers are screened, mature, wise, and have some kind of gun background well as up to date training...If a killer busted in my child's room, with a rifle or gun of any type ready to kill...I would much rather my kid's teacher be armed and trained rather then them not being armed.,possibly saving the lives of kids...


Friends cannot legally buy a gun for another. AN AR is not an Assault Rifle. It may look like one but the one you buy in a store is not a fully automatic weapon. They do require a pull of the trigger to fire each round where an Assault Rifle requires just one pull of the trigger to fire multiple rounds.


Do you really want to change the culture of guns, mass shootings,criminal behavior, and all of the crime in our country?...Just turn back the clock to the culture we had in this country in the 50s, 60s, and.70s. We had many more guns in our society that both young and old used, but..we didn't have the craziness and insanity we have now with guns, crime, and mass shootings. ..We had values during these times. Right and wrong meant something, and we all knew the difference. We had families, discipline, and expectations for right behaviors...The liberal left Democrats, and our "woke" society created by the liberal left had not yet come into existence., has now., and...look at the results. Families and family "values" have pretty much disappeared in our society, and that is such a shame. Just look at our society now...all the crime, the shootings, the lack of importance for right and wrong....Changing a few gun laws is not going to stop the violence now.The only thing that will stop that is the change back to many of the values that made us strong , that we once had in our country. long as we have the liberal left controlling the media and society in general, that is not going to happen, unfortunately..


Cognitive dissonce and misguided/uniformed thinking are more reasons weaponizig teachers is a bad idea in the history of bad ideas.


Stevetopus, There you go spouting stuff you know nothing about. You stated 30,000 deaths a month when the latest available statistics from 2020 was 45,222 people. Now guess where and when most of these deaths occured. Stop tyring to impress people with your liberal nonsense.


Not a question of being hairbrained.

Although, hairbrained could be considered from the author of this awarding suck up to the NRA and its talking points.

Bottom line is gun violence is never going to cease in this country. There are 30,000 deaths a month from guns and arming more people with more guns is not the solution.

If mentally ill are allowed to purchase weapons that can kill multiple people at one time,, then there won't be change.

So, be ready for the next massacre because its going to happen just read what Mr Dudley

says and you will know the reason why.

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