To the Editor:

This past year has seen many unfortunate events in the Killeen / Fort Hood area that have made national headlines.

In response to those events, we have seen and heard from nearly every notable politician — EXCEPT John Carter. This is his district, but you would never know it.

Tragically, Vanessa Gullen’s remains were discovered not far from his Bell County office — and not a word from him. Where was he? When the family of Vanessa Guillen was at the gate to Fort Hood — where was he?

The I Am Vanessa Guillen legislation is neither sponsored nor co sponsored by John Carter. There is no mention of it by John Carter.

There was another ugly incident reported at the Applebee’s in Killeen as reported in the Killeen Daily Herald and local television news. A national corporation swept the details under the rug and is acting as though nothing happened. Where is John Carter?

I have been hounding his offices in DC, Bell County, and Round Rock. His staff is reluctant to tell me where he is and what he is doing. I asked his staff about all of the above and got the standard “We will pass it along”.

When I began asking direct questions on his whereabouts, it seemed to knock them off balance. When I called recently Wednesday, I was reluctantly told “He’s in the district”. Congress is in session. He’s on my / our time. I asked “What is he doing ‘in the district’ for me / us then?”

They couldn’t / wouldn’t answer and HUNG UP ON ME.

His lack of presence and action are offensive. If his district offices are unaware of what he is doing “in the district.” WHAT IS GOING ON?

We need to know. I demand to know. We have a right to know..

I implore anyone reading this to call his Washington, D.C., and district offices.


Washington, D.C. Office 202)-225-3864

Bell County District Office 254-933-1392

Round Rock District office 512-246-1600

Michael D. Fornino


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