To the Editor:

For several years, I have called the city out for mowing State Highway 201 during the state’s no-mow season. They often mow before the flowers bloom. I thought this year might be different.

Last month, near the peak of bloom, they mowed 201. They did leave a few token islands of bluebonnets.

What is so hard to understand about NO MOW? It is not mow some, leave some.

Just another indicator of the complete lack of concern for anything natural. Bonnets, old oaks, nothing on the landscape has value to the city.

They would use your tax dollars to do things contrary to state policy. Would it not be less expensive to follow the policy?

Save that fuel and labor cost.

Wayne Duncan


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Amen and hats off to Mr Duncan.

The city is mow happy. The State mows about 2x a year and it works throughout Texas.

Temple has BloomingFest and Killeen mows.

Burnet and hundreds of nice beautiful cities across Texas celebrate wild flowers and the legacy of Lady Bird Johnson to promote natural wildflowers along thousands of miles of State and County roads. Heck I spend over $2000. Annually on bluebonnet seeds and prairie wildflowers to beautify my land and to give shrinking # of bees much need pollen for honey and propagation of food and flowers alike.

Thank again Killeen a city without mowing limits.

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