To the Editor:

For roughly 5½ years, I have attended Killeen City Council meetings and workshops, whenever possible.

I realized early on the sacrifices that the mayor and council members made to keep our growing city moving forward.

From time to time, I would hear friends voices baseless complaints about the mayor or the council.

When confronted about their remarks, those folds would admit that they’ve never attended a council meeting, or met the mayor or any council members.

These folks were just repeating what they’ve heard or making assumptions, but they were quick to respond with, “But they get paid!”

Yes, they do — “$100 for council members and $200 for the mayor (per month).”

“No way.”


That usually ended the conversation, and I have continued to support the mayor and council members.

I figured that anyone who worked this hard for so little is certainly deserving of my respect.

When it was suggested that maybe it’s time for a pay raise, I wasted no time calling the city attorney’s office. I was told that it’s been 20 years since the last pay increase. Wow!

We all know that $100 today doesn’t buy what it did 20 years ago, so, yes, I think it’s time for an increase.

I would have never, in a million years, thought that any council member would recommend a 900% pay increase, let alone five of seven members.

One council member went so far as to say, “I know what I’m worth!”

Really? So you didn’t know what council member pay was before you decided to run for office?

I had a more reasonable increase in mind. $250 for council members. $500 for the mayor.

That after last week’s (Dec. 7) council meeting, I don’t support any increase at all.

I’ve never seen a less productive council meeting in my life!

If there was a table in front of me, I would have spent much of the meeting banging my head against it!

A homebuilder came before the council with a zoning request. He had purchased a commercial building as an investment.

Little did he know that there were numerous code violations and the wrong zoning in place. It was obvious that he was there to make things right.

In two different attempts, the council could not solve the issue. It took Mayor Segarra’s intervention to get the council on track and approve appropriate zoning.

Councilman Boyd led to the tabling of two simple zoning requests that should have taken no more than 10 minutes to approve.

Councilman Wilkerson led to the tabling of rebuilding Watercrest Road (the design portion) because he wanted to know how many times the road had been repaired. And apparently someone had some top secret info to share with him. Seriously?

Councilwoman Brown can’t understand why city staff can’t save the $1.9 million that will be paid to an engineering firm.

Really? Would you expect your family doctor to perform open-heart surgery?

If anything needs to be tabled, it’s this charter review. The charter is just fine.

We are fortunate to have some awesome department heads, and an incredible city manager. City council, leave these people alone!

Bill Paquette


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I do believe that certain members of our council cannot vote on some issues unless they first speak to their handlers. With having a majority of first year council members, and a majority of 2nd year council members who make themselves appear to not read their packets thoroughly(W), they failed to learn how to be effective council members via agenda chasing, criticizing citizens who criticize them and blatantly harassing and disrespecting fellow council members who do not agree with them. Everything appears to be all about them and not the citizens. Ulterior motives seem evident as they must, in some circumstances, give the "people" what they want, with the seemingly true motive of making themselves look good to their handlers.


You nailed it Bill.

Going to city meetings is like watching a one man show with multiple actors.

This city council and many past council members spend more time campaigning for the next election than actually getting things done.

I have seen many town halls held on city property by council members and they are not town hall, they are just campaigning hidden behind the words town hall meeting.

This council spends more time talking about themselves and their view of what they want, that citizens have no voice. Unless your in the loop.

I hear that it is the same way at a few citizen advisory boards and commissions, it’s either agree with the city council members and tell others this is how it is or get pushed off.

No wonder no one wants to volunteer or get involved with the city, if your what the city council deems as an outsider you are basically silenced. This city council cater to non profits and groups that is it.

Reminds me of the gang of 5 ( Cincinnati city council)

I have all legal right to my opinion on city council, it is protected speech and this is how I feel and see them.

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