To the Editor:

What I want to know is how can I buy stock in Bell County property taxes. I lost money in my 401k but you can bet the market value for your property went up at least 10 percent.

You want to increase revenue through property taxes, increase the value of the property being taxed. My biggest difference this year was the value of my yard. The value went from $7,200 to $18,000. That’s a $10,800, 150% increase. How does the value of a yard increase 150% in one year?

I did the informal meeting. All of the property shown now has a yard value of $18,000. That’s an increase of $272.39 in tax revenue for a total of $453.97 per house in my part of town. Fair market value? Finding that hard to believe.

Richard Avants


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Richard, check out this piece of property facing FM-2410 , Property ID #111379 , this is a large tract of prime commercial property destined to become a future mall in Killeen. If all the land was appraised at the same price as this piece , no one in Bell County would be complaining. This tract is appraised at 15 cents a square foot, $6524 an acre. You said your lot is valued at $18,000 , an $11,000 increase. , a big difference. A mile up the road on 2410 the land is appraised at $340,000 and up an acre . A lot of the properties I have looked at, the land value had a big increase but the value of the improvements were decreased the same amount therefore the total valued stayed the same . The majority of the rental properties that I have checked are bearing the majority if the 8% increase , there is no cap for the commercial properties. Some high end properties are being appraised for the same value they were at in 2011, There should be no reason commercial land on FM - 2410 should be appraised at 15 , 37, 40 and 89 cents a square foot.

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