To the Editor:

Children from Asian countries are generally believed to be excellent students.

They perform extremely well in most educational areas, to include college level.

Results of research have proven that. One thing is certain, setting goals and dedication leads to achievement.

Family support and encouragement has been invaluable in their success.

In the USA, we have seen continuous improvement in reading. In 2017, almost all 4th-graders passed the proficiency exam, according to NCES (National Center for Education Statistics).

Now, records show that an unbelievable 66% of 4th- and 8th-graders failed the reading proficiency.

Those results drove the reading level to its lowest in 10 years. Trying to find the reason for the decline has not proven to be easy.

Some believe that low-income areas (low funding).

Some blame the test itself, one parent families, etc.

I believe that parental responsibility is an important link in the educational chain. Especially in the early years.

Parents concerned about their children’s progress are a teacher’s best friend.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, feels that lack of reading skills has serious implications for lifelong learning.

Peter Afflerbach, from the University of Maryland, says that the problem is that students are not being challenged to start reading harder material earlier. This idea will improve reading comprehension.

Still, others are saying that perhaps the problem is the manner in which the schools teach the students how to read instead of the reading material.

Everyone recognizes the importance of reading to have success at any level. This country has solved far more complicated problems.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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