To the Editor:

As the City Council of Killeen is studying how to improve this city, I have a few suggestions. First, may we be proactive instead of reactive.

Our road problems are stemming from standards that were appropriate when we were a village, not a thriving city. Let us raise our standards for all new construction so that we can avoid the problems we have now. Freezing weather notwithstanding, the problems were there before the storm.

The second and third problems I read in reports about the walk-arounds also refer to new developments. Why not insist that any new development include “green space” in the form of parks for every so many houses or apartments?

At the same time, when approving new developments, make sure there are adequate roads out of the cluster of houses. Killeen has let real estate developers have things their own way long enough.

The last problem is rejuvenating the “downtown”. There is no downtown in the same terms as our neighboring cities. Temple has major roads through their downtown. They have major city offices.

Our downtown has many vacant buildings with more to come. What we do have is some architecture that dates back to our earlier days.

Why not promote historic Killeen and try to make it a place to attract tourists and businesses? Don’t make it modern, make it retro.

Bethalee Bodkin


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Creating a large pedestrian space in downtown Killeen, blocking roads from vehicle traffic, would be a good idea for creating a a green space with shops, cafes and other businesses attractive to locals and tourists alike. Money has always been a problem for the city. A consortium of private investors with the patience to see the project to fruition would be necessary for it to happen.


The only things that I can see that would possibly help downtown Killeen would be to possibly open up some antiques shops, like Canton and Gladwater, in East Texas have done....and .../or open up some higher class restaurants, lounges, bars, that would put Harker Heights to shame and would attract people, young and old. Not old, seedy restaurants and lounges, but nice ones. ...That would be the only thing that I could see attracting people to downtown. ..........Unfortunately, the way things are right now, if downtown was an animal, I think veterinarians would advise euthanasia.

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