To the Editor:

Texas HB 3979 — Civics Instruction & Policy in Public Schools — I believe is watermark legislation to returning basic civics instruction to the concept of inclusivity in American Culture, as opposed to exclusivity/diversity trending paths of the new concepts of cancel/woke culture, “1619 Project” and Critical Race Theory.

The legislation mentions none of the above concepts; however, it goes to the heart of the issue. It may be seemingly overly restrictive and directive in nature; but it provides a needed differentiation between “critical thought” based on a common understanding and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution/”Law of the Land”; versus individual/ISD (perhaps corrupted) “free thought” teachers/administrators corrupted by their own bias.

With passage of the bill, the Texas SBOE and KISD have their “summer school” social studies agendas going forward.

Henry Glaister

Harker Heights

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Could not agree more.

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