To the Editor:

The city has a lot of roads to keep up. Growth adds to the problem. In the matter of Stagecoach Road, it fell apart before the paint on the stripes dried.

Here is why.

The city hired a former TxDOT engineer who was not well vetted. He was a player in the biggest, most expensive engineering screw-up in TxDOT history. Southeast Texas. Major malfunction. Let’s use the word incompetent.

I suggest to the city’s legal department that they have the (Stagecoach Road) contract evaluated by a third-party engineer firm. If this name appears on those papers, if the specs are substandard, it’s time to close the case. Make payment arrangements for the contract.

Any contractor can only deliver service as described in the contract. They cannot exceed it. Cannot perform to a lower level. They can and may have called attention to those specs. They cannot change them. They are bound to the specs as written.

Any work done by any contractor with specs written by this engineer is likely to fail. He has a history. Was on city payroll. He proposed road designs I am aware of that were ridiculous. He wanted to put a road over a hill with 60% grades when it was flat 300 yards away. He drew a road to serve a neighborhood that had no street stubs to access that road.

Dear city, time to suck it up. Make the payment. Do the job over. Close the case. Fix the road.

FYI, some of the newer roads are over heavy black clay soils with high shrink/swell ratio. Very plastic, mobile soils.

House slabs, road bases must have stronger foundations to hold up. Do you have a city soils map? Specs must reflect the conditions.

The dink engineer is gone. He should not get any further compensation from the city, in my opinion.

Lay all the cards on the table, face up. Time to pay for what you asked for, then fix it right.

Wayne Duncan


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Wayne here works for that road company that ****** the job.

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