Migrant children spend weeks at US shelters as more arrive

FILE - In this May 11, 2021, file photo, three young migrants hold hands as they run in the rain at an intake area after turning themselves in upon crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Roma, Texas. Five months after the Biden administration declared an emergency and raced to set up shelters to house a record number of children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border alone, kids continue to languish at the sites, while more keep coming, child welfare advocates say.

To the Editor:

Declaring a “State of Emergency” or “Disaster” from the rise in COVID numbers is a good move. It will ensure state and federal monies will be made available to our city in relation to it. Our focus should be, not just on the well-being of the citizens of Killeen, but also for the financial stability of our city as well. With this said, here is another suggestion. Since our council is acknowledging rising COVID numbers in our city, county and state, they should also acknowledge one of the reasons it is spreading across our state and, subsequently our city as well ... the border crisis.

There are people who celebrated the news of Governor Abbott coming down with COVID — even though he was fully vaccinated. What wasn’t celebrated was his executive order to not allow COVID positive noncitizens to travel around our cities or states.

Yes, the argument about “Racial Profiling” and the interference of the government’s “Release plan” but, seeing the freedoms Americans are sacrificing in response to COVID, is the possibility of racial profiling potential noncitizens in order to prevent the spread of COVID a freedom already being sacrificed by Americans to a degree to where it is OK to allow the infected to travel freely?

The answer to this question is a matter of opinion, of course. My suggestion is this, that the Killeen City Council establishes a resolution to submit a request to Brad Buckley and John Carter to officially, on behalf of the citizens of Killeen, to notify President Biden of its desire for him to regain control of our southern borders. It is difficult to acknowledge something in part but be afraid to address the whole.

Steve Harris


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Mr. Harris,

Do not forget part of Killeen Texas in dist the dist 1 area falls under Hugh Shine, so both should be requested to do this.

As for the monies from the declaration, how is the city going to keep funding all these things after the government stops giving out this money.

The city council needs to think about that as well. The burden will be put on the next city council members to defund many of these projects and cut back on transportation funding as well.

Great that we can build up the parks, here is facts on that. After cities have done all this, they had to hire more police officers to patrol them, the cities that didn't hire more officers seen new parks turned quickly into drug havens and worst.

So when the funding runs out, how will the city fund more officers.

With inflation and as the city officials said it could cost more to fund all these projects.

The city of Killeen can't sustain all this, in the future, it will come at a cost. Higher priced low income housing as we see in Austin. Austin is struggling to stay affordable and the low income families are moving out of Austin.

When it comes to federal aid a city needs to be more cautious than freely spending.

For ever dollar that is free, it comes at a cost to others.

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