To the Editor:

It appears that the “China deception” is finally in the open.

After many denials by the Chinese government that they had not kept the rapidly rising virus casualties a secret, a new report indicates that they were, in fact, preparing for the expected crisis.

While doing that, they purposely neglected to inform the USA (among others).

That delay cost the U.S. dearly and it became the epicenter of the pandemic.

They played POTUS, and in doing so, the country. While our president was commending the Chinese for their preparedness, they had been, in fact, hoarding every item related to the prevention and protection against the virus.

It seems that their plan was conducted in a manner that ensures their readiness, but doomed the US, Italy, Spain, South Korea and many others to extraordinary measures.

The Chinese used the import/export system to accomplish their goal.

All of their imports from the U.S. and the world were increased by almost 100% or more. In contrast, their exports of some items were educed drastically.

It worked! When the pandemic exploded, China was prepared with the supplies needed.

Let’s not mention the fact that the USA was testing coronavirus in 2015. The project was canceled upon the recommendation of “experts” and the project and funds were transferred to China.

Just a rumor?

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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