To the Editor:

Re: Reader says post’s commander violating law with shot mandate, 15 Aug 2021

It appears the writer is uninformed. The III Corps commander did not initiate anything related to the requirement that all members of the military take the COVID vaccination series. The president asked the secretary of Defense to find a way to require all members of the military to be vaccinated. Secretary Austin has said “I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” licensure by the Food and Drug Administration “whichever comes first.” This information was sent to the Services and disseminated to the troops earlier this month.

DoD requires more than a few vaccines for troops. Some that the average American probably would never get. The flu vaccine has been required for members and is tracked by name, for years. The DoD and its predecessors have required vaccines and before they were available other more inventive ways to prevent the spread of diseases, since the Revolution.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Said: Employers can legally require COVID-19 vaccination for employees to re-enter the workplace and can provide incentives to encourage employees to get a shot.

Between what the EEOC has opined and the ORDER from the Secretary of Defense, it would appear that there is no violation of any law.

As for Arrogance and contempt for the law. Every commander is looking out for the health of their soldiers.

In order for the defense of the Republic to continue, soldiers must be in top health. That is the simple truth of the requirement.

Just wait; when and if DoD requires DoD Civilian employees, contractors and others who work on base to be vaccinated or be tested daily, there will be a hew and cry the likes you have not heard in a very long time.

The choice will be: follow the rules or leave the job.

Again, an outcry like you have not heard for a very long time.

Hal Dudley


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Required vaccines are not experimental and have demonstrated they are effective. As a veteran with 27 years service I absolutely dispute the comment that all commanders are concerned with the safety and well being of their troops. That is not true

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