To the Editor:

Anyone who thinks a 15-dollar per hour minimum wage is a good thing doesn’t have critical thinking skills.

Do people really think that business will simply absorb paying fifteen dollars per hour?

They will pass that on to consumers . And landlords will want a piece of that wage increase also and raise everyone’s rent accordingly.

Minimum wage was never intended to be a “living” wage as everyone thinks.

To make a living wage, one must increase one’s skill level or education.

There is no free lunch.

Robert Sheffield


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It's very sad and disappointing that people still think that being poor or low middle class is an honor in Texas. If Texas was smart I think raising the minimum wage would attract more and more people to our state. $7.25 is no honor because it keeps poor people poor and on the outside of any real life perks. Yes, nothing is FREE but why make people suffer no matter how much education or wealth they have just to live a free lifestyle. The US comes in last behind the minimum wages of other countries. I thought people were fighting for an "America First " Narrative? Check out the living wage calculator created by Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier of M.I.T to see how Killeen - Temple, Texas is calculated for a full time job of 2080 hours.

Also Check out the 2020 charts prepared by Economic Analyst Steve Rattner.

1. FRANCE = 12.06

2. GERMANY = 11.81

3. UK = 10.47

4. CANADA = 10.23

5. SPAIN = 8.58

6. SLOVENIA = 7.95

7. USA = 7.25

Let's help Killeen fight for $15.00!

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