To the Editor:

Five months ago, Texas had a terrible winter storm that caused great damage and loss of life. In Killeen we are still suffering without a comprehensive plan to address the many many potholes and damaged roads that make driving in the city just plain dangerous.

I have seen bombed-out streets in Iraq in better shape than streets in Killeen.

One prime example is Florence Road south of I-14; there are over 70 potholes. Some were fixed, some were not and those fixed by City Maintenance were covered with a light coat of material, much of which has washed away.

Why are we paying taxes when the city staff and elected leaders shirk their responsibilities?

If there is no plan, then it’s time for a recall election of an ineffective City Council and replacement of City Staff who have neglected their duties.

In the meantime, rename Florence Road as Crater Road and bury in those potholes the promises of the current City Council members to address the needs of the people of Killeen.

James Rodgers


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@noneofyourbiz - I have to concur with your statements about political parties. Not to rehash old occurrences but, a "party" worked to un-elect our city's only remaining non-partisan, unattached and independent thinking council member - Steve Harris. He was replaced by an individual representing a party, an "activist "ideological constituency and people willing to compromise their integrity to get what they want. With that statement made, I will not condemn Councilman Boyd to any prejudgments as was done with Mr. Harris. My sincere hope of him is, independently, fulfilling his obligation to our fair city and "Its" citizens and not a portion of them. His only obstacle will be knowing that if he does not fulfill the will of those who engaged in particular actions and words to get him in, they will fight to replace him with someone who will. Many people allowed themselves to be "duped" by the "party" and "activist" - even those who knew the truth about the then Councilman's Harris's vote on No Knock Warrants. Councilman Harris listened to a variety of constituents who expressed their desire to ban No Knocks but, preferred it be on the ballot. He voted "No" on the council making the decision in support of varying citizens requesting they be able to vote on it; thereby, angering activists and "party" members who condemn open choice and fellow constituents who do not agree with their methods of operations. As a result, on of the strongest, in my humble opinion, representative of District 4 and Killeen has ever had, has now been replaced by a gentleman who, will with time, demonstrate if he will or will not do to what it took to get the position and stray away from the "Ideologues" who helped him. A sincere wish of good luck to Councilman Michael Boyd in serving his constituents and Killeen.


The writer definitely has a point. It is unfortunate we habitually have such poor choices in city council elections


I agree, sadly the problem is that two political parties are the ones actually deciding who gets into office. That is why Texas had prohibited political parties getting involved in local elections. It was to allow the people of the city to focus on the needs and safety of the city. It was so no eh went towards streets, and not wants. The great Texas flood proved what happens when cities follow a political agenda and a insides agenda. It also proved what happens when organization and big money start taking over local elections, it takes away from the actual needs of a city, like streets, and lights. When the focus on city needs is pushed to the side, the citizens suffer, and the political parties benefit.

Plus you have to remember the powers that be do not want people that can't be controlled by peer pressure, money and power.


Sorry this sentence was to read . It was so money went towards streets, and not wants.

Not . It was so no eh went towards streets, and not wants.

I need to get a new cell phone 😃

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