To the Editor:

The country is opening up slowly, but surely.

At this time, there’s a vaccine and an oral medication that have shown great potential.

Eight studies have moved to the second phase, or human trials, and there’s an additional 100 others in America and Europe going through the first stage.

These are good news to those anxiously waiting for positive information.

I cannot comprehend why it seems that the press wants to play down any news involving progress.

In the nightly news this week, the host kept asking the scientist to explain that the information was based on early reports.

Not once did he mention that the work being done brought hope and anticipation for those that have been following the virus protocol.

Again, I ask, why?

Could it be because it might affect the November elections?

Under the pretense of being fair, the press has become predictable in politicizing the news.

It should be noted that the survival rate from COVID-19 is very high.

Out of 100 positives, less than three (3) die as a result.

A great number of casualties occur in nursing homes, where advanced age and pre-existing conditions are the norm.

Personally, I have stayed at home for approximately three months.

I have ventured out five times (following protocol, of course) due to old age and pre-existing disease.

We will come out of this crisis and, within a reasonable period of time, the economy will grow as before.

Millions of Americans will be back to work to ensure that.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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