A most wonderful thing happened to me while I was checking out at H-E-B yesterday that truly touched my heart.

As I was getting ready to pay for my groceries, a young man ahead of me said, “Ma’am, God put it on my heart to pay for your groceries.”

I was taken aback for a moment, then I told him it was not necessary — that God has already blessed me — and that there are others I know who truly are in need of this blessing.

He replied, “Please don’t take away MY blessing.” Then he said, “It’s already been paid for” as the cashier handed me the receipt. It all happened so fast.

I then promised to him I’d pay it forward, as I knew of a single mom with two young children ages 2 and 4 who would not have a Christmas. This was due to the fact she couldn’t work over a month because there was no one to watch her children while she was recovering from surgery.

Bills piled up, rent overdue, utilities on brink of being cut off and nada coming in. Yet, with all this on her plate, she was trying to get back on her feet.

My heart and respect go out to this young mother as I, myself, was raised by a struggling, single mom. I’ve learned that God wastes no struggles. If not so, so that we know firsthand what it feels like to be at a certain disadvantage. Yet with all the complexities of life, there is respect and admiration for those who TRY.

This good man, hearing her story and in the course of our conversation, said, “I want to bless her with a thousand dollars.” He then said he’d call me to coordinate giving her the gift the very next day — the eve of Christmas Eve!

However, the only catch is that he wanted to remain anonymous. No fanfare, no tax exemption, no write-up — just a covenant between him and God. A gift in the purest form!

It reminds me of the gift of the maji. Three wise man bringing gifts to the baby in the manger, wanting nothing in return.

This experience left me in amazement and the realization that there are still quiet angels on this earth that give others hope in humanity and reaffirm the presence of God that can shine forth in all of us —if we allow it.

Hopefully, we’ll take to heart this beautiful example of caring for one another, not just during this season but throughout the years.

May this wonderful human being be continually blessed with God’s peace, prosperity and love as he goes about doing His will — and in so, be the example we all need to be.

May God bless you all today and always.

Merry Christmas.

Debbie Edwards


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