To the Editor:

In 1934 the National Democratic Socialist Party of Germany Propaganda Ministry put out a daily list of word and item that could be used in all the newspaper and radio station in Germany. In 2021 the Democratic administration put out a list of word and items that can be used by the majority of newspapers, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN , MSNBC and others approved by their propaganda section. So if you see one of their programs you don’t have to see the other as they all report the APPROVED list of words and items.

When I used to see one of the three channels available, they all had their slant and you picked up a paper to get the full report. That is no longer the case. The majority of the newspapers carry the same word and items as gushed out on the chosen channels. Since the internet, we used to have the option of using multiple sites to verify if the information provide was the truth or an opinion. Just before the election in November 2020 the mainstream internet gurus began deciding for us what the truth was and stopped honest reporters from publishing their truth. Not only that, they started to determine what books we can read by denying space at places they can be sold. Try the BBC, Japan news and others to see what you’re missing from our homegrown Kool-Aid drinkers.

Well, while they think up ways to keep us in the dark, I have made up my own rules. 1) I don’t watch the first five minutes of professional football, if the owners want to pay for non-work delays, that’s their problem, 2) The NBA is more interested in the China market anyway, so why should I spend my time watching prima donnas break the rule on traveling on just about every basket, 3) Baseball was the final ticket. To do just about anything in the modern world, you need an ID. The president of the United States, Delta, Coca-Cola and others can, like the celebrities who stated they were leaving the U.S. when Trump was elected, move and stop trying to please everyone.

You can’t please everyone, so why are you demonstrating that you can’t read or understand the Constitution? You’re letting a SMALL group of dimwits shame you into thinking they know better then us average people who used to use your products.

W.A. Wright. Jr.


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In the Project Veritas CNN expose the executive says their plan after coronahoax is to hype climate change. That means they need access to PEOPLE. They still can't get Americans to give up their cars, own nothing and be happy.

That's why you should cancel cable TV.


I will no longer use coca cola products or Levi Strauss products.


[thumbup] Excellent points.

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