To the Editor:

I would like to express a few thoughts on the upcoming attacks upon the pocketbooks of the, obviously rich, citizens of Killeen.

The first attack comes from a faction of folks on the City Council that oppose any form of Impact Fee. This fee simply asks developers and builders to pay for a small part of the impact of new growth upon the city budget.

You will not be surprised to hear that during the public hearings concerning this fee the majority of those opposed appear to be individuals in the building and development fields.

Others seem to feel that the fee would only be passed onto the home buyer and cause them to buy elsewhere.

According to one well-informed Killeen citizen, the max fee for a home will be in the neighborhood of $2,000. This citizen also pointed out that the median cost of a home in Killeen is around $120k and the same median home in Harker Heights is pushing $190k.

This would cause me to doubt there will be a flood of average folks choosing to buy there over a $2K fee paid over 30 years.

One council member actually made the argument that if 14 new intersections were built at $400,000 each that the impact fee collected would not cover the cost.

While true, this is totally irrelevant, since the fee was never intended to pay the whole cost of development.

Mind you, none of the individuals opposing the Fee have come up with an alternative method of paying the costs associated with city growth. The bottom line for the Impact Fee is who pays — the folks who profit the most from growth, or the citizens who do not?

Secondly, we have yet another assault on our wallets by the KISD, which is now demanding another almost $400 million for a total in two years of around three-quarters of a Billion dollars! I used a capital B on purpose.

One item on the previous bond, that the KISD was shamed into dropping was $50 million for another giant sports stadium. Now that the super stadium appears to be out of reach, the KISD wants a bunch of little ones instead! Coincidentally the cost is pretty close to the original $50 million.

I am sorry, but as long as we have teachers paid a pittance compared to administrative pencil pushers, while paying out of their own pocket for student materials, we do not need more stadiums!

Finally I would like to point out that a bond is debt. It is debt secured by taxes levied on the citizens of Killeen. Meaning of course that if this second bond issue is passed, you will be on the hook to pay for it and you will see your taxes go up yet again!

There are a number of folks in the council and at the KISD who think the citizens of Killeen are made of money.

Call your council representative and support Impact Fees. Vote against yet another huge bond.The wallet you save may be your own!

James “Jack” Ralston


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