To the Editor:

Thank you to the employees of H-E-B and the Killeen Police Department.

Most of the time we are typical consumers. We shop the bulk of our household supplies and groceries once a week, and then stop by the store throughout the weeks for small purchases.

Two weeks ago, we noticed an increased number of patrons at the store and were unable to obtain all items on our shopping list due to some shelfs being empty. However, we were by no means prepared for wat we encountered when we returned for our weekly shopping this week.

We arrived at the store 30 minutes after opening time and were greeted by a long line outside the store. Since there were a few items on our list that were urgent, we joined the line. A short time later we were greeted by an armed police officer guarding the door, along with a store employee limiting the number of patrons that can enter the store at one time.

Just like the week prior, we were greeted by frustrated shoppers and empty shelves. As we were shopping, store employees were restocking and helping customers locate items.

There were many frustrated and rude customers in all areas of the store and it was surprising that no arguments evolved. However, the staff was extremely helpful and pleasant. The store was clean and uncluttered. Checkout was swift and the cashier took the time for some light conversation. We saw the police officer in the store, polite and courteous.

During our shopping excursion, the store employees demonstrated the best society has to offer. While the store employees also feel the anxiety about their own health and their family’s wellbeing, they showed nothing but courtesy, helpfulness, and patience. And for this I want to thank them.

Rosemarie Bynum



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