To the Editor:

I wish to thank El Centro Pet Medical Center for saving the life of my cat, Peewee.

After a visit there for a checkup, I let the cat out of his basket, and, being not too fond of car rides, he leaped out and headed for open pasture.

We tried to get a hold of him, but, as always, he escaped.

The cat finally got tired and sat under a parked car in their lot. He crawled up halfway into the engine compartment.

Everyone and I mean everyone at El Centro took the time (even after closing) to help get the cat out, to no avail.

He inched further up to the manifold of the car but only his big head was sticking out.

They tried push him out from behind. He was stressing; his tongue was sticking out of his mouth as more time went by.

Finally, Peewee’s head stuck far enough out where the people in front along with the prodders down below enabled him to be extracted from the vehicle.

Thank you to all the employees of El Centro for caring enough to help him through one of his nine lives.

Kirby Hoffman



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