To the Editor:

As we go to vote in the upcoming election, I would like to remind you that unlike the president of the United States, we should select the best possible candidate.


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Wayne Jefferson

Anyone who votes to keep democrats in power are traitors as far as I'm concerned. We are headed for a disaster already that our children can't afford to pay for. If you are getting paid to vote for them then you are selling your soul to the devil. Beeto doesn't want you to be happy. He wants to keep his bosses in power and his wallet full.if the Republicans do win they will shout fraud and or create a false flag to keep their power. God bless us all


Stevetopus, you are accurately describing the anti American democrat party, I don't vote for treason, therefore I never vote for democrats.


That's right! Vote responsibly not for regressive policies and totalitarian hypocrisy.

If you believe things are bad now, voting for ideologues and people who only want power to line their pockets while ignoring voters, you haven't seen anything yet.

Get ready to bend over....well all be living in mud huts hunting and shooting for our supper!

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