To the Editor:

I have been reading in horror over these many months about how my Killeen City Council is creating initiatives for revising the city charter.

What is this City Council thinking?

Fundamentally, I respect any citizen who stands for election to city council or mayor, and if elected serves with wisdom and devotion, doing so without trying to enrich themselves. It is public service in the truest sense.

Still, how is it possible that amateurs and dilettante politicians believe they have better skills and judgment for municipal management than a tried and proven municipal system manager?

The city manager runs the city’s staff. Any city charter proposal empowering the Council to directly dismiss or fire city staff is misguided.

What are they thinking?

Is there an unstated agenda?

Hey, Council! Leave the staff alone; let the city manager do his job. This is not an Atlanta or Houston, with a strong mayor-city council form of government.

Kent Cagle is an appropriately educated and professionally trained city manager.

Yet, it appears a group of council members have a semi-personal agenda for city staff management powers, perhaps desiring some department heads replaced.

Watch the videos of the meetings; watch the votes.

And then the idea of voting in an increase in monthly compensation for themselves. Do they deserve it?

Not a single aspect of the proposed city charter revisions is convincing, or even compelling.

Vote NO on any city charter revision that might come. Your pocketbook and wallet will thank you.

Scott Clark


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I appreciate your comments Mr. Scott Clark, but feel they are misdirected as to the city manager, but not to the city council as I feel we have elected some of the worst that I have seen to be called city council persons.

But in regard to the city manager, what has he done but drive this city deeper intoa default condition with the 370 unit masterpiece that will encumber this city for the next 75 years, the fiasco that this water department has driven into with no appreciable source of demonstrative guilt on anybody's part, and the subsequent 39 million gallons of previously treated water being dumped onto the ground, and no guilt has been assigned to a single person, the increase of $1.70/month/water meter being increasing to up to a value of $10.00/month/water meter and the funding of a $24 million dollar bond all supposedly for road maintenance. What is it supposed to do other than put a band aid on the $110 million dollar we are experiencing right now and have been experiencing the increased cost of road repair. To me, this is making a mockery out of the financial dealing we have been encumbered with for the last 10 years.

No Mr. Scott Clark, I don't have the appreciation that you apparently do as I am of the personal opinion that city manager Cagle is one of the ones we should diligently give him his walking papers. He is, in my personal opinion, a do nothing type of individual just serving his time until he either gets another position or the city council wakes up and he gets rifted. I don't care which but I wish it would be soon.

That is what I feel as to this city council and this city manager, get rid of the lot of them and the sooner the better.

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