To the Editor:

I have heard from several extremely reliable sources that blame for the metal detector (Killeen City Council) agenda item is being negatively directed toward Councilwoman (Shirley) Fleming. Some folks have taken offense to her position and even lowered themselves to the level of threats. If this is true, then those folks need to understand that Ms. Fleming has my full support as a friend and a councilwoman. She has been my friend for many years! My wife and I have worked many hours to ensure her election and supported her every term after. The City of Killeen has been well served by her presence on the City Council, and it will be a sad day and a great loss when she leaves the office she has so honorably served.

We do not always agree on specific items but Shirley has always been open to facts and ideas and always operates out a desire to help all of the people of her district and her city. At no time have I ever doubted her support of the Second Amendment. If we disagree on the specific detail of the metal detectors, the basic facts do not change.

My comments before the council were two-fold, first Fix our Streets! Second, support the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution. I could have done a better job in my choice of words but my intent was to express my opinion that the city has better ways to spend our money than metal detectors. My choice of words has clearly offended some citizens because of my delivery of those sentiments, and for doing so, I sincerely apologize.

I have spoken with Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King and she has graciously contacted the Killeen Daily Herald and asked them to correct her misquote of a portion of my speech.

James ‘Jack’ Ralston


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