To the Editor;

I’m speaking on behalf of parents and grandparents of the 2020 graduating class of KISD.

We understand that COVID-19 has disrupted many lives globally. Our children (seniors) studied very hard to get to this point in their lives. Their graduation has been altered to a virtual graduation.

When Gov. Abbott announced that the schools in Texas were to end for the year, Killeen Independent School District decided that same day — 45 minutes afterward — that the district was going to have a virtual graduation.

Parents were never given the opportunity to voice their opinion about this plan. We pleaded, emailed and sought out the news on TV.

The district never entertained any of the ideas that we came up with.

We have been told that the dates of July 20 and 21st are reserved for KISD graduation. This is not true; we went on the Bell County Expo Center website and those days are reserved for the Junior Beef Master Breeders National Show.

KISD is supposed to be for kids, but from what we see, it’s all about THEIR money.

This district services active-duty, retired, and DOD families. How dare they drop the ball have they forgotten our military heroes?

The district so gracefully gave the seniors their cap and gown and a free photo as a way of pacifying the kids. We feel this district has not listened to what the seniors and their parents want.

KISD, stop the lies and let them walk!

Carol Holston


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