Retired Killeen ISD educator Irene Andrews, of Nolanville, protests outside Killeen ISD recently. 

To the Editor:

We need leaders, not cowards.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the last KISD school board meeting. Board trustees and Dr. John Craft have still done nothing to address the need for universal masking in our schools.

Parents are in a revolving COVID carousel. An email states their child’s school had another infection and warns of possible exposure. Or they hear nothing from the principal, but their child says “a bunch of classmates were missing from class today,” and the parents’ alarm bells go off. Families are testing and retesting themselves and their kids. They quarantine, return their child to school, only to receive another letter. This time their child’s teacher is COVID positive and again there was possible exposure and the family is back at the testing site.

Gov. Abbott thinks he knows more than doctors about how COVID spreads. He chooses to ignore CDC guidelines that says universal masking in schools is imperative to stop the spread of infection.

He can think what he likes and choose willful ignorance, but when he uses the the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 to PREVENT local governments and school districts from taking life-saving measures, he’s crossed the line.

The act requires the governor to “meet the dangers to the state and people presented by disasters” and provides a framework for a governor willing to take action. If the governor declines his duty, the act does not limit aid or halt who can give it. In my reading of the act, it doesn’t give the Abbott the power to stop local civic and school leaders from taking urgent steps to protect students.

If there was a wildfire in our state and the governor addressed this emergency by banning the use of fire hydrants in the town engulfed in flames, no local county judge or commissioners would obey that ban. No school board or superintendent would stand by and watch their school district burn to the ground.

Yet, none of our local Bell County officials will defy Abbott’s dangerous and ill advised ban on universal masking in our schools, when they know it would mitigate the crisis we are in. Laws that intentionally cause harm and suffering are not meant to be obeyed. Laws that perpetuate loss of life in our communities must be broken!

This moment calls for leaders, not cowards. Stand up for our kids!

Irene Andrews


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Wayne Jefferson

My thoughts pretend your mask protects you and that's all. Besides fauci megele designed this virus. He should know all the phases and turn over all related data. I'll takey chances for God knows better. Is it my imagination or is faucis death toll rivaling Hitler's

Butterfly Lady

Yes everyone has the right to choose to wear a mask, or get the covid shot, But come on people let's stop this nonsense. Ask yourself this Do you want your child laying up in the hospital dying. Because I don't want my kids to die from covid. Quit all this political B.S., and wear the mask, or get the shot. You want things to get back to normal then step up, and grow up, and let's protect our kids.


Some of us still believe in our our immune system.

Why should we have to be Vaxxed with the Death shot to make you comfortable in your vaccine?

Never-mind I guess you already know it doesn't work.

Killeen patriot

Again, hysterics do not = science. Two studies (science) released within the last month, prove that mask offer little to no protection. The first study that was performed by Waterloo university, found that cloth mask and even 3 ply surgical mask on stop between 10 - 12% of all exhaled respiratory droplets. This means 88 - 90% of the virus containing droplets continue unabated. So it is quite obvious from this study that masking is essentially pointless. A second study "Mask mandate and use efficacy for COVID-19 containment in the US States" looked at how mask mandates and compliance affected the positivity rate across the Unites States for the past year. The conclusion of the study was that COVID spread at exactly the same rate, regardless of, mask mandates or mask compliance. So this second study, verified the findings of the first study. Mask do not prevent COVID transmission. Its cold hard scientific fact. Feel free to go and read the data yourself. Masking is now and should always be a personal choice.

Michael Fornino

Irene, your impassioned letter is just that. Impassioned. Full of emotion, and lacks a lot of things painfully obvious to those of us that pay attention.

Masks don't work as well, if at all, as being "sold" to us. Go to the local HEB or any local venue. An overwhelming majority of those "wearing" them don't even wear them correctly. Nose exposed. Worn around the chin so they can talk on the phone while walking around in public. I'm sorry, but any perceived value or benefit from them is instantly rendered void by the majority of those wearing them.

Then, let's consider those folks driving around in their cars - ALONE - and wearing a mask. Uh...WHY?

Every amateur scientist loves Darwin - until it applies to them. I don't mean to sound condescending or without a soul here. The overwhelming demographic of people to die after contracting COVID already have several health issues in progress. Compromised immune systems...cardiovascular name a few. Many, but not all of those are self imposed conditions. In the end, COVID just allows those pre-existing conditions to win.

Unless fully dressed out in MOPP posture for a chemical / biological / radiological / nuclear contamination envrionment - the masks are a paper shield against a fire-breathing dragon.

Let's also consider that everyone's favorite go to "doctor" - Fauci, is handling the COVID-19 situation the EXACT SAME way he did in the early 80s with regards to HIV / AIDS. ...and guess what? He was wrong then, too. Oh, yeah - he's had the job he's in since 1984.

He's pushing vaccinations for COVID-19 just like he did AZT for AIDS patients back then. I invite you to watch "Dallas Buyer's Club" for a good synopsis of how that all played out.

His own actions blatantly display "rules for thee, but clearly not for me". Mask off / down at a ball game. Emails blatantly showing what he professes to the public is not what he professes to family, friends, and colleagues. Further, in an attempt to prove him right, The Intercept was left with no choice but to print proof that he was WRONG. He was directly responsible for funding the creation of a virus (COVID-19) that did not exist in nature - then have it unleashed on the entire planet. So where is the credibility in the "authority" you seem to want to genuflect to?

You're advocating for control during hysteria. Are COVID-19 and its variants serious? Yes. HOWEVER...

Most new hospitalizations are those who have been "fully vaccinated" versus those who had it and recovered. Those who have contracted and recovered have more immunity than those who have been vaccinated. "Doctor" Fauci seems to want to avoid that issue and does to questioning "durability" of that immunity over vaccinations.

In the course of human history, from Justinian's plague to the Flu Pandemic of 1918, in the end, natural immunity prevailed. That is not to say vaccines and other precautions don't have their place - but not rushed and not from hysteria.

How can we assess "durability" of a vaccine that has been in use for less than a year with any confidence? We cannot.

Rushed and overly confident approval from the FDA without proper study is just wrong-headed.

Thalidomide...Phen Phen...MDMA...any of these ring a bell? Perhaps any commercial on any channel regarding class action lawsuits for anything from vaginal mesh to heartburn medication would spark a reason to pause. All of those products were approved by the FDA enthusiastically.

The same formula of precaution for a bad flu season applies to COVID. If you're sick, stay home or at least away from people. Wash your body. Cover your mouth when you cough - and don't cough on other people. If you need to be reminded or made to to these things, don't tell me what to do with my body.

You want to wear a mask? Go ahead. It's your right. Nobody should tell you that you cannot wear one. You want to tell me to wear a mask? Sorry, you don't have the right to make my choice for me.


EXACTLY, Thank you. You also don't have the right to demand other people's children wear masks. If you want to demand your child or grandchildren wear a face diaper nobody is stopping you. Personally I think it is child abuse. Irene please do some research on the psychological damage it does to these poor children.

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