To the Editor:

The best news I have heard in months just came in the form of a federal judge overruling Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order prohibiting mask mandates in our public schools.

Finally, Killeen ISD is free to bring universal masking to our schools.

My three great-grandkids have been waiting to be able to attend school in person. It has not been safe for them. And children with disabilities will not longer be denied the benefits of public school programs and services to which they are entitled.

They too, will be able to attend school without endangering their own health to do so.

It should never have had to come to this. Gov. Abbott was wrong from the get go.

May we all now agree that universal masking in schools allows everyone access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). This is federal law. It is time for Texas to follow the law.

And now it is up to the KISD school board and Dr. (John) Craft to implement universal mask wearing at all campuses.

I urge them to move quickly and decisively. KISD staff and children and their families may soon rest easier.

Masks work!

They stop the spread of potential infection and keep each person’s spittle in their own mask.

With the flu season upon us, masking up will also mitigate the spread of colds and flu this winter.

Let’s come together and give three cheers for good health, as we celebrate the holidays.

Irene Andrews


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@Wayne Jefferson: I'm not asking you to do anything. All I am trying to do is clarify the points that have been bantered around for going on 2 years now.

This all started by stating that you should maintain a minimum distance of 6', then it became 22', then 26' then back to 6'. As I have stated that I do not necessarily feel that any minimum distance should be held, but if you elect to wear the mask, then wear the mask appropriately by covering the nose and mouth with a snug fit. But, again, like I said that once you uncover either of these orifices then it's all bets are off.

And yes, if the person has Covid 19 and handles money then the teller is exposed and you will certainly be exposed, but that does not mean you will get Covid 19.

So I was speaking to the column writer, that it is up to the individual to wear or not wear, that is your prerogative. I also said, use common sense, which with some individuals 'flew out of the window'. I would like to see this as a National mandate that 'it's your choice so by trying to make it national, it will continue to be a worrisome, troublesome type of trouble making mandate.

If we in Killeen want to keep a problem going, then let's see if we can our water problem sorted out. Now that I feel is a problem area that is costing us an arm and a leg what with 39 million gallons going in the dirt and nobody seems the least bit concerned about this in the least. Yep, the city of Killeen, Texas, it's only money and until the citizen does not run out of it we can spend, spend, spend. Now I think that that is a real problem that we should be concerned about.

Wayne Jefferson

Well if masks work why the six foot rule and if they both work why the vaccine. Or let's discuss gloves too. If you're in line in drive thru and the guy in front of you has covid and hands his money to the cashier whos not wearing gloves then she takes your money and gives you change. now you've been exposed mask or not. If someone positive touches the doors and anything and you touch it then you are masks may help but you should wear gloves too. Both my children had it. They were concerned so I didn't treat them differently. Was in the same room watching movies all weekend without masks and guess what. Didn't even get any if you wanna wear a mask go for it. Please don't ask us to wear one. If your took your 'vaccine' and wear your 'mask' then you're protected from me anyway..notice our leaders don't wear one off camera so what do they know that you don't ..


@Wayne Jefferson: The problem is, 'people just don't wear the masks properly. Remember I said: (1.) Stop all inter-continental traffic until the virus is stopped or at least the rise is halted and is coming down, (2,) people should wear the mask correctly covering both the nose and mouth, not just the mouth, but both orifices, and (3.) We are a free thinking country so we don't need anybody 'thinking for ourselves', but remember think of what the consequences are or will be.

When this Covid 19 first started, I thought of a stop break venue whereby large department stores, grocery stores, etc. could have used a mechanism of minute sprays could be used of a disinfectant to contact any particulate and then used minutely fine filter elements to coalesce and remove the liquid spray thus removing most of the contagion so as to be fee of the particulate. Nobody wanted to use this so now we are stuck by the convalescing manner that is continuing to migrate into another form. So we are stuck with everyone having a different idea of what's best for this Nation.

As I said, this is a free country, or at least it used to be, and people have to use common sense to try to figure out what is best for family. Wear the mask if you desire or not wear the mask if that is what you think will be best for your family, but if you elect to wear the mask wear it continuously, not just some of the time.

Wayne Jefferson

I should think the science would come into play at some point. If masked work we would beaten this virus along time ago. I say if the vaccine works why the liability protection. To give children a experimental vaccine in hopes of protecting my kids is a abomination of its own kind. This virus is man made and the fauci megele knows all the facts. Can you imagine if our children start dying and become sick from these experimental vaccines our future in the world would hit rock bottom..I've had covid and recovered. Science says if have antibodies now and no need for the jab..where are the waivers in such matters. They are seeding our kids futures people..wake up

Killeen patriot

No offense, but Ms. Andrews has sold her soul to the COVID zealots religion. If anything, the past 4 months have shown us that having masking as a choice has been amazingly effective. KISD never saw a huge surge in cases. There has not been a single student who contracted COVID that did not recover. Currently, the cases are extremely low in KISD and the county. the point is Ms. Andrews will not stop until KISD bows to the COVID zealots. This is not about protecting anybody, this is about falling into line and doing as Fauci says to do. If KISD was to implement a mask mandate then my children will not comply. I, also, know many staff members who are friends who have stated they will in no way comply with a mandate either. It's time for Ms. Andrews to find some other organization to harasse, but she will not. Her COVID masters demand she continue her fight. Take a look people, this is what bran washing and blind obedience look like.


I have said all along when this epidemic first started, wear masks that cover the mouth and nostrils. Shut down overseas transport ans secure our borders. This was done only sporadically so we continued to have swings up and down.

If the masks were worn over both the nose and mouth we could have met with better success than we did and if we would have stopped al inner country transport and if we would have closed our borders and kept them closed we wouldn't be having the problems we are right now.

We, in this country are our own worst enemy, so I say 'if you are so inclined to wear the mask then by all means, wear the mask, but wear it correctly, and you know, the first time you '

pop the Seal on your mask you stand the chance of contamination, so bear in mind that each instance where you break the seal on your nose and mouth you stand the chance of contamination.

If you choose to not wear the mask then you stand the chance that if any contamination is present you are subject to any airborne particulate that may be in the air, so wear it at your own peril.

In this country we have freedoms that exist so wear the mask at your own peril for I believe you have the freedom to wear the mask or to not wear the mask, the is your choice. So I say to the KISD, do not put a mandate in place the you have to wear the mask or not to wear the mask. If someone chooses to wear the mask then by all rights they should wear the mask consequently to ward off any ill effects as I nelieve by wearing the mask you will be assured of a 90 to 95 percent safe zone around your person, but you must wear the mask consistently. So either wear the mask or take it off. You must be the judge of that one.


You ma'am are disgusting child abuser. You will NOT mask my Grandlchildren one of which is disabled and has NOT been denied an education because of not being forced to mask by child abusers like you. INFACT he enjoyed being able to go to school and breathe fresh air. BOTH of my grandsons kept getting rashes on their poor little faces when they were forced to wear mask by child abusers like you. HOW DARE YOU DEMAND OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN BE FORCEFULLY MASKED.


For months, 8-year-old Fiona Lashells did not wear a mask to school, even though it had been mandated by her local school board.

She finally won!

Stand up to tyranny in whatever way you can. There are no small acts of heroism, only small heroes.

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