To the Editor:

In the Nov. 10 Killeen Daily Herald, “Back to The Bond: KISD looks at 2nd Bond in Two Years,” Dr. John Craft (Killeen ISD superintendent) saying he didn’t see the merits in holding a public forum to generate ideas and concerns from district residents, is troublesome.

Courageous leadership in managing change demands that feedback is solicited from those affected by a change. Community residents pay property taxes, and their perspectives are important and should be valued.

Something has been lost in our community, and Dr. Craft’s quote is symptomatic of this.

It is no secret that lots of parents are not engaged in their children’s academic journey and there are many reasons for this.

There is also the indifference from community leaders with influential platforms about the value of education and parental engagement.

The format of the school board meeting is not conducive for meaningful communication with parents and community members.

Over time, these factors have created a pattern of interactions that have not produced meaningful outcomes, and this has become the standard.

This current model of community interaction needs to be replaced with a process that is equitable, compassionate and values community members’ concerns.

I suggest that the school board members and the superintendent host a series of Town Halls in the local churches and other meeting spaces to hear the perspectives of the residents of Killeen, Harker Heights and Nolanville.

An effective school system requires the active engagement of parents and community organizations to ensure all students are prepared for future success and reach their maximum learning potential.

To achieve this we need to explore other methods to improve the interactions of KISD with parents and community organizations.

Rev. Philemon Brown

Leon Burch

Community Hands of Central Texas

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