To the Editor:

I feel as the president of the Killeen Branch NAACP, it is my duty to respond to the letter to the editor, “Reader wants local NAACP to do more to support Black women.” (Oct. 24, KDH)

In the words of the late,great educator and lifetime member of the Killeen Branch NAACP, Mrs. Alice W. Douse, I am going to use this as a “teachable moment.”

Let me extend an invitation toall to join us in becoming a member to be a voice for the hopeless, a hand to the helpless and don’t mind getting in to “good trouble”, while fighting daily for justice and equality for all.

But to answer the question, “What is the NAACP of Killeen doing?” To be specific, I’m going to focus on the Black women as referenced in the letter:We Speak Up and Speak Out for the Black woman in the face of injustice, racial inequalities, and discriminatory practices that are brought to our attention.Yes, we are nonpartisan, but I want to share this: Some of the political candidates we don’t even see until election time.

They come to the NAACP with the expectation to get the “Black vote”. This is inconsiderate and disrespectful to those who are in the fight EVERY single day. For them to only show up with this expectation during election time is disheartening; then after it’s over, we don’t see them anymore. My stance is this: Don’t just show up election time; we need you there with us ALL the time.

The same goes for those so quick to say what the NAACP is NOT doing — don’t just show up to complain; help us with the Work.

The NAACP has not received a phone call nor an email from Mrs. Mikhail Gray. The Legal Redress Committee MUST receive the complaint from the complainant, not a third party. Why? Because the individual can come back and say that he/she did not request us to get involved, period.

In closing, before one starts throwing stones, I strongly encourage you to research and do your homework.It’s always best to get facts to back up your accusations.

We are Freedom Fighters who are ALL IN!

TaNeika Driver-Moultrie

President, Killeen Branch NAACP

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